​If only we could deal with cancer like our dogs do, devoid of the mental component of the disease that often proves as challenging as the cancer itself.
Survivor tells the story of Eddie, a long eared furry friend who has been diagnosed with a shoulder tumor, and his experiences through the world of veterinary cancer. Julia, his owner, has recently lost her father to pancreatic cancer, and must now come to terms with life events that she could not control. David wants to be there for Julia, only how do you help a wife that insulates herself from the ones who want to help her the most?
Past and present are interlaced through the world of human and veterinary cancer in a story about survivors; relationships between self absorbed mothers, heartbroken daughters, well intentioned husbands and grieving wives. 
Maybe things will be different this time around, maybe the dog days of cancer will prove to be man's best friend. 

​Dr. Jarred Lyons is a board certified veterinary radiation oncologist who actively practices veterinary radiation oncology in Los Angeles, California.