Jarred Lyons


Dr. Jarred Lyons has passionately dedicated a majority of his life to the betterment of animal comfort and care. Becoming a cutting edge veterinarian is the fulfillment of one of his earliest childhood dreams.

Dr. Lyons received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from UCLA in 1998, was awarded a doctorate in veterinary medicine from UC Davis in 2003, completed an internship in veterinary surgery and medicine in 2004, and was board certified in radiation oncology after completion of an oncology residency at NC State University in 2006.
Dr. Jarred Lyons currently practices veterinary oncology in Los Angeles, California, and is one of the few veterinarians worldwide who treats animals with stereotactic radiosurgery. Dr. Lyons is also a consultant and is actively involved in numerous veterinary clinical oncology studies. He has published articles in several scientific journals and magazines, and frequently gives lectures around the Southern California region.  In furthering his goal of improving veterinary medicine, he also invented and patented an innovative new dog muzzle muzzle called the EZ Muzzle. He spends his free time with his wife, children, and Standard Poodle Alice.